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Birthdate:Dec 3
Location:United States of America

Hello, and welcome to my journal. A few things you need to know.

-This is my journal. I do not censor my thoughts or opinions. And as I respect your opinions, please respect mine.

-I am pro-gay, pro-slash, pro-marriage, regardless of gender. Love is not a gender, love is love. And no one should be denied the right to have a legal union because of gender.

-Flaming is only allowed if you're being fabulously queer and campy.

-I am closed minded, unfair, bitchy, intolerant, a recovering racist, incredibly opinionated, stubborn and obnoxious.

-I have sarcasm and I am not afraid to use it.

-This journal is where I vent, where I speak my mind, where I bitch and whine about the way the world is. I am a die hard Republican with many liberal views.

-I do not think religion has a place in public schools or government funded programs.

-My journal, my opinions. Read at your own risk. I will often cut what may be offensive, but if you read the disclaimer or topic, or KNOW your views on X-Subject differ from mine, don't click, don't read. If you do and you get offended, not my problem.

Friends only. Because I care about who reads my words.


flawed_karma was born in the tundra to a family of Yak riding Harley-Davidson herders. Sick of the nomadic life of chasing down renegade motorcycles, she left town on her Big Wheels to see the world.

At age seven she upgraded to a Barbie Jeep Power Wheels, going on a crime spree that terrorized the midwest. A wanted woman by the age of nine, she settled down to a quiet life of canasta playing and scrabble tile making.

Now she lives in NJ where she raises blow up sheep, which are sold overseas in New Zealand as "novelties."

...not true, but so much more interesting than reality.


I don't believe in heaven.
I don't believe in God.
I don't believe in Jesus.
I think it's all a fraud.

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