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This is River, looking unusually cute and not at all evil.

This is River looking cute and not at all evil WITH HER ARMY OF TOYS!
You notice how she's trying to look innocent and sweet.
And not at all evil.
Or Army Like.

The Navy. It was rescued once we realized THE TOYS COULD NOT SWIM.

The Navy Proving Grounds.
All the Navy proved was that IT COULD NOT SWIM.

Faith (the large Rottie Mix) broke the line and morale when she stole the blue ball.
The ball was very important to the plan, without it moral plummeted.
And there was a gaping hole that THE ENEMY (as yet undetermined) could get through.
Here, River is trying to retrieve it.

River, seen here, is triumphant in getting back the blue ball.
Then she quickly lost interest in it.
They key line position was taken over by a stuffed pig.

Seen here, inside, are Grumpers the Hedgehog and Monkers the Monkey.
They were gravely wounded in a battle. I performed triage and sewed the wounds shut.
When they were returned fit for Active Duty, River decided they needed extra time off and laid them gently on the beds inside.

The End
(for now...)

I would have included pics of the Butterfly Air Force but they're impossible to catch on camera before River catches them to snack on.


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