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Today was a lovely 70 degrees and hubby got home from work early. So we decided to take River out to the beach for her first adventure in the water.

Oh, did she have fun!

Not only was she unafraid of the water, she learned quickly how to use the waves to her advantage when bringing in her baby bumper, one of the neon orange retrieval dummies.

And not only did she have fun with that, but she gathered nearly every clam shell in a 30' radius of where we were and amassed a tremendous clam shell army. The shells were carefully piled together by the shore's edge and whenever one went AWOL due to the tide, she hunted it down, put it with the others and barked at it.

When she failed to gather enough clam shell recruits, the driftwood was quickly pressed into service.

One toss of her dummy netted a 30' throw, and she stopped at the 15' mark, grabbed a BIG piece of driftwood and dragged it to her army encampment, then went back out and brought in the dummy.

I was in hysterics.

She dug trenches, made moats around her shells, enjoyed driftwood walls. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen.

I can't wait to take her back.

And now my little River baby is asleep at my feet, exhausted from a few hours of swimming, retrieving, and keeping those rebellious clam shells in line. *grin*
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