Sep. 13th, 2012

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Medication was not discussed when we scheduled the surgery.

It's added another $200.00 to the total. And that's with a very, VERY generous 1/3 off per refill.

I spoke to my doctor earlier and I'm not allowed to skip ANY of my crazy pills, unless we want the "Wishes to stab people with a duck knife" to "Stabs people in real life to rid the planet of the stupid*

So.. I'm begging again. Help me, please. I have one week of samples for her antibiotic and the pain killer.

I need 3 more weeks of antibiotics at $50.00 per 14 pills.

Is there anyone left that wants to/ can afford to help? Mu husband is getting very worried since now it's take care of my devoted Service Dog and let the bills suffer, too. I bought her and trained her myself. No "program certificate" = no financial help. And again, since she's privately trained. no group or organization will step up to help.

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I can't thank you enough.

Over 300.00 came in in donations today. Ms. Robot, Ms. T., Ruric. My God.

People spread the word, and donations have come in from 27 states, and 3 countries.

I can't explain what this means to me. To River. To keep her as a working dog, I needed nearly a thousand dollars when all was said and done.

And the world, literally, responded. Dozens of donations came in, in dribs ans drabs, in single digits, double digits and even 100.00 from Ms. T in ADDITION to an earlier donation.

I now have all the money to cover the 3-5 extra visits and check ups, the medication, and even some left over "in case" anything else happens.

I swear on all I hold holy to pay this back somehow. Many who donated said to just pay it forward, and I swear I will. I will donate time, since I don't have money.

Once I recover from today's back surgery, I will add hours o my schedule at the local ASPCA and work with their harder to place dogs. I will offer to give half price group lessons to the new owners, hold them at the facility, and donate all income to the shelter. I will donate my grooming experience to make the dogs clean and looking good.

I will do all I can and more to pay this back, then pay it forward. Every day I will endeavor to do some kind of good or charitable deed.

I'm crying too hard to type properly so thank God for spell-check.

Thank you. Thank all of you, thank God for the people I have never met, but love through the words we share regularly, the laughs, the virtual shoulder to cry on, the virtual hugs, the love, and the laughter.

I can't pick any of you out of a crowd (except the few I've met) and yet you were still so generous, so giving, so encouraging.

Thank you, from all that I am, from my heart and soul. Thank you. I will offer up prayers in your name, light a candle. I will never forget this tremendous, worldwide effort to help us.

And each morning, when I wake, I will give thanks for all of you, for having River, and the generosity of people I don't even KNOW donating money to keep her by my side, healthy, hale and sound so she can keep working.

Please know you have all changed my life, made me less cynical, more trusting, more hopeful. I had lost my faith in humanity after being tortured by my peers as a child. All of you, no matter the size of the donation, restored it. I went into surgery smiling today. (And that was before the drugs, thank you.)

Surgery went well. I've got the anesthesia hangover. And more money than I need to keep River safe and healing properly.

Thank you. Thank you, thank you. If River could talk instead of snore at the moment (her nightly painkiller knocks her out) she'd be thanking you herself.

So, from the bottom of my heart, I sincerely, honestly and humbly thank each and every one of you for whatever you did to help. From spreading the word to donating, from sending me a note of hope to the long letters of shared experiences.

You all have changed my life, made me a better, more hopeful person. And you've given River a chance to keep working. which she loves. When you bring out her vest, her tail starts to wag ridiculously fast and she wriggles and wiggles. It's a beautiful sight.

And because of all of you, it's a sight I'll keep seeing every day for a long, long time.

Thank you.


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