Sep. 10th, 2012

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ETA: For a Thank You post and a way to keep a eye on Rivers's progress, go HERE! (

I very rarely do this for anyone, let alone myself.

You all know I am disabled and River is my service dog . I depend on her for my life, for my freedom.

However, she needs surgery. Quickly. She has something called an Aurula Hemotoma. In other words, a bunch of blood vessels in her ear flap popped and it's swollen to the size of a small lemon.

Needless to say, like the rest of the free world, we're in dire financial straights. Her surgery will cost betweenn 225. and 300.

I don't have it. My credit cards are maxed out. I can scrape together about 175.00 by scrimping on some of my meds, but then there's the other 125.00 (and up) for the remaining cost or surgery, medications, etc.

If left unattended, this could spread to her auditory canal and make her go deaf.

Please. I hate to ask, I feel so useless for asking, by can anyone help? A dollar, two dollars.. I swear for every dollar I get, I will do a random act of goodness and kindness to pay you back, or pay you as money issues clear up.

Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but I have surgery on Thursday  and the copay for that is 500.00. I've been waiting 4 months to afford the co-pay, so you can see where I am.

Please, please help me keep my life normal and help me get River's surgery.

A dollar can make a huge difference, please. If I could, I would get on my knees and beg. But I -NEED- River in my life, I can't use her if she goes deaf in one ear. Please. I'm crying as I write this. I have asked you all for so much over the years. Friendship, encouragement,and now money. I'm sorry, I don't know what else to do. And there's no time to try and find groups that donate goods and services or medical care for service dogs. I can't emphasize how important this is. She could go deaf, the ear may turn to gangrene.

Please, help us. Help her.

ETA: I just spoke to the Vet. They don't offer discounts to anyone except Senior Citizens. And the total of the surgery has gone up, nearly doubling by the time they add in the mandatory rabies shot, a compete blood panel, a heartworm tests and other required pre-surgical testing, etc.

Now the total is now 410.00 with tax. it's a terrifying. I can't afford it. I'm so damn scared I'll lose hr as a working dog.

THANK YOU!!! All of you wonderful people. I now have 412.00 coming directly to my checking account. This covers EVERY THING she needs. Anything after that we can afford. I am near tears. No, scratch that. I AM crying. Thank you, all of you. i am stunned. River can have her surgery and I don't have to worry about a thing. Thank you all!

I promise the next time I see a post for someone in need on LJ, I'll send in what I can.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ETA 3: The vet said the price could change based on what they find. So it could go up. It never goes down. Dammit, I was so excited..


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